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In the Silence Electric: Julie’s Haircut

Grooves so epic they'll flap your flares for hours on end. Review of In the Silence Electric by Italian Psych veterans Julie's Haircut....

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The Jonesing Jams: Worlds Collide (Psych Rock Jams, April 20)

Improvised and fleeting psych rock jams amongst Brick Lane's bodacious baltis and bagels....

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Paisley Prints and Polyrhythms: Goat (Live at The Coronet)

Witchdoctors, Crusaders, Curses. Goat bring the hudu to the Coronet...

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Vinyl Rarities, No Cratedigging. Scandi Gems on Round Two Records

Firebeats Inc., Undertakers' Circus and Kare and the Cavemen signal an untapped wealth of Norwegian rock...

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Playing Out Desire’s Magic Theatre (Purson)

Psych-rockers Purson treat the 100 Club to some oldies, as well as new material from their Desire's Magic Theatre album...

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Didgeri-Doom? Traversing the Psych-Prog Youniverse (Ethereal Riffian)

Trippy, doomy, and laden with riffs, Voice of the Universe veers from melodic to hypnotic with alarming ease. Album review...

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Loitered Lens: Simo

Photos of Simo at St Moritz Club London 23.11.15...

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Consult your doctor: Dorian Sorriaux talks Blues Pills

Interview with guitarist Dorian Sorriaux from Blues Pills at Ramblin' Man Fair 2015. ...

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