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Exclaim Galatea

Can you with conviction exclaim 'Galatea!' to find out read on....

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Meta Modernity & The End of Postmodernity?

Meta Modernity is a contender to topple the stultifying epoch that is postmodernism or is it?...

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The Eclipse of Postmodernism?

What are the key contenders to postmodernism and can they really end the epoch?...

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Equivalence & the Loss of the Engaged Human

Does postmodernity gradually traumatise the population, and is this happening in such a way that our senses cant quite grasp it?...

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Postmodernism & Its Discontents

Lenin is given a kitsch shell by artist Alex Milov, is this an act of vandalism or preservation?...

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Postmodernism: Living a Lie Dreaming the Truth

The modern subject is a self obsessed narcissist that masochistically imagines the truth as a destructive monster. ...

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Postmodernity, a Trinity of Crises

Trying to understand the postmodern is famously difficult but this series of articles is supposed to help!...

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Postmodernism: Anti-Art reflecting a knowing society

There is a constant push and pull over what makes an artwork art, this is one of the core issues at work in postmodernism....

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Postmodernism ‘Phoenix’ In Commas

There is much debate about what epoch we are currently in, have we moved from postmodernism to some other overarching force? Probably not!...

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Boris Johnson – the blonde bomb site returns

It's perhaps too easy to mock Boris Johnson. And yet he remains an ominous symptom of a society in decline....

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