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Paying For Fake Reviews? Durr. The Internet is Unpredictable Shocker!

Paying online community members to write product reviews backfires badly ...

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The Secret of Staying Motivated (as Discovered by SCIENCE)

dropcap style=”font-size:100px; color:#992211;”G/dropcaposhdarned liberal communists and their lethargy! Motivation is IMPORTANT, people! How are we going to SELL you stuff you...

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Neurocinematic Testing: Will It Make You Scream?

dropcap style=”font-size:100px; color:#992211;”I/dropcap t is always hard to predict the response of a massed audience, and almost impossible to objectively assess creative works. In the...

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Smoke, Mirrors and the Gratuitous Gape Shot

One look at the packet, and you'll definitely need a quick gasper....

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Shell Shopped? Tracking the Post-Disaster Shopping Urge

Post disaster consumers value off brand, low cost goods...

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Harbingers of Failure. Are You The Eternal Betamax?

Harbingers of failure have the unusual property that they keep on buying products that are taken from the shelves...

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The Rise of Smell-Based Marketing and Why Scents Sell

People remember 35% of what they smell, compared with only 5% of what they see, 2% of what they hear and 1% of what they touch....

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You like? Social media, sharing and sales

Marketing campaigns focused on social media and socioeconomic groupings are likely to give the greatest boost...

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Bricks and Mortar has good news in store

When brick-and-mortar stores were added, consumers made more frequent purchases overall....

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I Want it NOW! How Rarity Affects Desire

Psychologists have long known that you can make a consumer good more desirable by making it appear rare. ...

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Do Your Own Damned Marketing!

Users of social media websites are less likely to use them to say positive things about their favourite products and services...

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Lunatics/Asylum : Companies Valued by Media Buzz

Companies can significantly improve the forecasting accuracy of forthcoming products' performance by mining online consumer buzz prior to product release...

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Identity Marketing : Are You Consumer or Product?

Researchers figure out why we hate identity-targeted advertising....

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Marketing Stereotypes to Gender

Marketing technique: Activating gender stereotypes just to knock 'em down....

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