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Justice Is A Fallacy: The Third Murder

As an exercise in philosophical musings on the nature of true justice, The Third Murder challenges the viewer with a compelling ambiguity....

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Disenfranchised Youth: Love and Other Cults

Love and Other Cults, Third Window's second collaboration with Eiji Uchida, is a quirky comedy that holds deep sadness....

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Spectral Awakenings: Kazuki Takamatsu

Spectral and monochromatic, the post-tsunami art of Kazuki Takamatsu is a more mature form of manga...

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Loitered Lens: Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

Photos from the visual extravaganza that was Kyary Pamyu Pamyu at Camden's Koko in July 2016...

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Pop Symbols and Unsettling Icons (Kyary Pamyu Pamyu @ Koko)

On hyper-reality, symbolism, visual constructs and pop music. Kyary Pamyu Pamyu at Koko ...

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Craving acceptance [Dir En Grey]

'I think that it’s really up to the listeners to determine what we are, not us.' ...

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Film Review: Guilty of Romance

Sono's Hate trilogy fizzles out with a whimper...

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