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Yves Marchand and Romain Meffre (Tristan Hoare Gallery)

Documenting the unexpected beauty of industrial decay...

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The Anthropocene Era: Setting it in Stone

Rocks that tell our industrial history ...

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Risky Business: Farming in a Time of Climate Change

Farming becoming riskier under climate change ...

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Nothing New Under the Sun – How Prehistory Tackled Global Warming

Computer models find ancient solutions to modern problems ...

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Escaping the Vortex: Would Wyndham Lewis Have Approved?

Vorticism's urge to cut away the fat of modern life remains valid today...

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No Work-Life Laws for Sex Workers: The Modern Coalface of Discriminaton

Work-life laws privilege brothel and community interests, not the workers...

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Breathe it in Deep! Cycling and Walking are Healthy, even with Air Pollution

Walking and cycling are good for health even in cities with higher levels of air pollution ...

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The Weird Cause of Obesity You NEVER Imagined

Exposure to air pollution increases the risk of obesity ...

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Poisoning Coal Country Isn’t Freedom

A Mining Disaster in Coal Country Pushes the Limits of 'Freedom' in Industry...

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