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Punk Rock Fight Club: The Beat Down at CBGB

Anarchy is a return to the natural order. Might makes right. If you are a punk in the pit, you might get hit. ...

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Lost In The Trees: 2000 Trees 2019

Trebuchet sets out to break our 2000 Trees virginity with their excellent 2019 instalment....

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Call A Bloody Chiropractor (Cancer Bats – Live)

Trebuchet wade into the Manchester date of Cancer Bats' 'The Spark That Moves' album release celebrations to ensure they've still got it live!...

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Hey Buddy! Heads Up – Cancer Bats

Canadian Southern-fried Hardcore fiends Cancer Bats drop an indie-released album on our heads with nary a warning...

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Chuggy Hardcore, Screams and Postures. Yes. Revolution…? We’ll See. TRC

TRC screams of letting a bit of steam off, about a bit of positive aggression and fun...

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Frank Turner brings punk to the folk-core (or vice versa)

Contemporary Folk-Punk troubadour Frank Turner's Hardcore alter-ego Möngöl Hörde knock London's Scala down a couple of pegs....

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Pissed Regardless – Feed The Birds (Review)

Crossover Thrash is a fickle beast. Have Californian newcomers Pissed Regardless managed to crack the code with their sophomore EP effort 'Feed The Birds'? Fraggle investigates....

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Loitered Lens: UK Subs and The Angry Agenda

Grassroots garage punk brings a dose of righteous anger to The Flag...

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Valentine’s Deez (Comeback Kid/Deez Nuts)

Bonejarring, limbflinging downtuned hardcore, metal and slam provide an alternative to overpriced dinner and moodswings ...

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If it Ain’t Broke, Don´t Touch(é) It! (Touché Amoré)

Artistic development from out of musical diaspora, Stage Four consolidates Touche Amore´s approach...

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Manami Mogg’s Moggy Metal Mix 2 (Wo Fat, Interment, Death Angel, Regret)

With the suburban bliss of both Primary and Secondary Feeders shattered by the horticulturalists next-door, Manami Mogg reviews the month's metal releases...

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Loitered Lens: Backyard Babies

Raising the roof at the O2 Islington with filth, ferocity and flair, Backyard Babies...

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Let’s carry on from where we left off (The Movielife)

For a band who most thought would never reunite (including the band themselves) this return to the stage was grasped with relish....

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Napalm Death : Apex Predator – Easy Meat

The visceral fury of punk with the dexterity and precision of metal...

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Mental Metal Music Mash

It is the time of year for disappointments, and – one notable exception notwithstanding – that’s exactly what we’ve got here...

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