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Kraftwerk Berlin Announces Robert Irwin Installation

Commissioned by Berlin-based art foundation LAS, a large-scale installation by Robert Irwin will be unveiled at Kraftwerk Berlin on 5 December ...

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Decoding Future Music from Germany: Interview with Uwe Schütte

Alexei Monroe speaks to the author of the latest book to explore the art of Kraftwerk and their legacy....

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Tankard – A Compilation of Inebriation

Thrash Metal, like most genres, has its tropes. Those same reoccurring themes which pop up in the lyrics, inspirations or meanings behind the songs....

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Darkness at the Edge of Town

Mass shootings are a reflection of a culture that used guns to create itself...

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Inexorable Implosions, Ominous Promise: Grebenstein

Simultaneously sobering and intoxicating decelerationist post-techno...

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