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Have a Wee Drink? Urine Trouble if You Don’t

Taste test gauges how recycled wastewater performs against bottled and tap water...

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Plants Eat Carbon Dioxide – So Could More CO2 Fix Climate Change?

Is climate change a self-healing wound? Choosing crops for carbon dioxide reduction...

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Buildings that make you happy. Buildings that heal the environment [Yann Weymouth]

I’m hoping that they will say 'Look at how wonderfully they blended art and science to create buildings that healed the environment. Buildings that were fun to be in. Buildings that made you happy....

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Hot Sex for Lampreys

Some like it hot: The role of heat in sea lampreys' sex lives... cold lover's with hot hot mouths....

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Bioeconomy for Forestry

Bioeconomy as a solution for South Australia's declining forest industry...

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Climate change forest survival

Climate Change : Predicted increases in temperature and drought in the coming century may make it more difficult for conifers such as ponderosa pine to regenerate....

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A Pound of Sharks

Sharks are worth more in the ocean than in a bowl of soup...

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Climate Change Threatens Fish Extinction

Top 20 native California fish at risk of fish extinction from climate change...

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Butanol : Alternative Fuel Source

You could fuel a car on pure butanol and it would run absolutely fine. That's the basis for butanol's emerging reputation as 'the gasoline of the future.'" - Dr Wass...

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Nanowire Solar Cells

A single nanowire can concentrate the sunlight up to 15 times of the normal sun light intensity increasing the potential for highly efficient solar cells....

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Fat worms confirm biofuel experiment

Fat worms confirm that researchers from Michigan State University have successfully engineered a (biofuel) plant with oily leaves...

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Snow Globe: Climate Change Shake Up

A new climate change model predicts an increase in snowfall for the Earth's polar regions and highest altitudes, but an overall drop in snowfall for the globe, as carbon dioxide levels rise over the...

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Global warming less extreme than feared?

Global warming less extreme than feared? Internationally renowned climate researcher Caroline Leck of Stockholm University has evaluated the Norwegian project and is enthusiastic....

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Evolution inspires more efficient solar cells

Geometric pattern maximizes time light is trapped in solar cell. The sun's energy is virtually limitless, but harnessing its electricity with today's single-crystal silicon solar cells is extremely...

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The Island President: [DVD]

The Maldives are known to the rest of the world as an idyllic holiday spot, whereas the everyday reality is growing deadly, and director Jon Shenk does a wonderful job of capturing the islands'...

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