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Construct and (Various) Disasters of Democracy

Installation shot, Construct and (Various) Disasters of Democracy Galerie Dukan, Leipzig, Germany dropcap style=”font-size:100px;color:#992211;D/dropcapuncan Wylie is a prodigious painter who,...

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War Profiteering and the Business of Slaughter. Ker-Ching!

Let’s call the oligarchy of the elite what they are. Murderers. Cold blooded, remorseless murderers. ...

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Democratic Stitch Ups and the Untouchable Will of the People

Autocracies fail in the long run because the people much prefer to oppress themselves than be oppressed...

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Kings Of The Ballot Box – What Democracies & Monarchies Have In Common

2016 was not a good year for democracy. This year could be worse. ...

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Donald’s Big State Visit. 1.8 Million Voices Ignored

Even Neville Chamberlain stopped short of inviting fascists for state visits....

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Pardoning Chelsea Manning: A Good Start to an End

Trump an authoritarian despot? Sorry, the operatives of US imperium have beat you to the putsch....

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Is the US A New Weimar? If So, The Democrats Made It

If Donald Trump is the symptom of US sickness, it is the Democrats who are the disease...

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NHS Gagging Order Fight Intensifies

An incredible 8,222 38 Degrees members, from all across the UK, have donated to help turn up the heat on key MPs about the gagging law. The campaigners are near their target but they need your help....

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