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Eat Yourself Sozzled: Tracking the Alcohol in Red Wine Sauce

Can you get intoxicated by pouring beer or wine into your sauce or stew? New research provides the answer...

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Tastes Like Cabbage: The Deep Origins of Cooked Veggies

Earliest evidence discovered of plants cooked in ancient pottery ...

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Goat Meat, The Meat on the Street, We Love to Eat

Goat meat is becoming more popular in America, and in large part it's been due to the desire of immigrants to retain the tastes and preferences of their country of origin...

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Spaghetti Whores and Tasty Capers

Along with almost every highly-flavoured or highly-priced delicacy man has ever put to his lips, capers have been thought to have aphrodisiac properties...

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Col. Jon’s Presidential Cookies

What could be better for an energy boost when you’re on the road? Well let me tell y’all, an all American Chocolate Chip Cookie, that’s what....

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Col. Jon’s Cherokee Corn Pone

It’s another favourite snack in these parts and something that I like to have the little woman cook up for me whilst I hang up the goat on Hallowe’en. Up until now this has been a very closely...

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Col. Jon’s Pumpkin Soup

Hallowe’en is my favourite time of year and along with the customary trick or treating, cow tipping and playing with my nuts at the cemetery, I always like to make a batch of Great Great Grandma...

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