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Some Corals Are Adapting to Global Warming. Some Aren’t.

WCS coral expert finds that some reefs were less sensitive to warming water over time...

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Stop Playing God! The Downside to Resurrecting Extinct Species

Resurrecting extinct species might come at a terrible cost ...

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Survival International Photo Competition

Call for entries to Survival International's competition for images showing tribal peoples in their natural environment...

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Cutting Trees to Save Trees. A Central Africa Paradox

Risk of tree species disappearing in central Africa 'a major concern,' say researchers ...

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Don’t Tell the Japanese. New Ways of Tracking Blue Whales

New forecast tool helps ships avoid blue whale hotspots ...

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Seismic Surveys Stop Sea Turtles Shagging

Marine airgun noise could cause turtle trauma ...

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Horny by name, not by nature. Breeding the Colorado Bighorn

The health of Colorado's bighorn sheep population remains as precarious as the steep alpine terrain the animals inhabit...

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Meet the Deepwater Goby Fish that Science Missed

By thoroughly investigating reef ecosystems that lie just below shallow coral reefs, describing new species, documenting depth ranges of new and known species, we are providing the baseline...

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Drop that Glowstick! Light Pollution Threatens Balearic Birds

dropcap style=”font-size:100px; color:#992211;”A/dropcapn ecological reason for Ibiza clubbers to ditch the ubiquitous LED bikini. At last. Could someone please come up with a convincing...

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What costs more than gold, diamonds or drugs?

Rhinoceros horn is more valuable by weight than gold, diamonds or cocaine, fuelling an extinction drive that may be unstoppable....

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Shut Down Ivory Markets to Save Wildlife

The message is simple: to save elephants, all ivory markets must close and all ivory stockpiles must be destroyed...

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