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Want More Attentive Kids? Get Them to the Green Spaces

Living close to green spaces is associated with better attention in children ...

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How We Push Clever Kids to Cheat

Kids praised for being smart are more likely to cheat, new studies find ...

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Mum-Shaming: Who does it most (and does it have any effect)?

Advice or abuse? Giving opinions on mothers' parenting skills can have unintended consequences...

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Born to Love Heroes? Fairness, Justice, and Children

Japanese research into the roots of justice may contain hints for solving social ills...

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Pregnant? Avoid Liquorice.

Liquorice can have long-term harmful effects on foetal development...

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Good Dads Make Happy Kids (and they don’t even need to clean up)

How new fathers see themselves in child's early years seems to be most influential on kids' later life...

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Motocross Kids Get Injured Often – End This Madness!

Study finds youth motocross racing injuries severe despite required safety gear ...

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Parents’ Terror at Physical Activity Guidelines for Kids

Many parents lack the confidence to get their kids to exercise ...

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The Right Kind of Screen Zombie: iPads For Child Sedation

iPads are as effective as sedatives for children before operations ...

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Absolut-ly Shocking. Children, and the Impact of Alcohol Advertising

Middle-school kids see several alcohol ads a day ...

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Sick of Screen Time Tantrums? Blame the Gadget

Two-minute warnings make kids' 'screen time' tantrums worse ...

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Return of the Little Matchgirl: How Tory Cuts Will Affect Children’s Health

Poor children will be hit hardest by government welfare cuts, warn experts ...

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Smartmouthed Kids get the Grades: Vocabulary & Academic Achievement

Two-year-old children with larger oral vocabularies enter U.S. kindergarten classrooms better at reading and mathematics...

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Too Much Telly Gets Your Toddler… Bullied?!

The toddler 's TV watching habits were reported by their parents and their victimization in grade 6 was self-reported by the children themselves....

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Child Safety? There’s an App for That

Health professionals can and should unite with industry to optimize children's already frequent use of mobile devices to help promote their health and well-being...

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Piling it On : Television and Obese Children

Kindergartners and first-graders who watched as little as one hour of television a day were more likely to be overweight or obese ...

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Kids’ Play Needs No Goals

Children's perspectives are rarely taken into account within public health, although they have social and scientific value....

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For Sale: Future Trophy Wife

Parents to clamp down on the sexy child market. The UK Government is setting up a governing body to assess and prevent over-sexualisation of children in marketing, advertising and product sales....

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