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Kent Monkman Apologises for Controversial Justin Trudeau Painting

Following outcries against the work on social media, the Cree artist says that the image 'failed' in its message to address the victimisation of indigenous women....

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UK Drill Rappers Collaborate With Russian Blood Artist to Protest Government Censorship

Skengdo, AM and Drillminister have collaborated with Andrei Molodkin to create three new additions to the Russian artist's Young Blood series (2019) based on censored protest music. ...

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Freedom of Expression in the Arts Under Threat in the UK

The Arts Censorship Support Service, an initiative from Index on Censorship, has been launched to keep the space for artistic freedom of expression as wide open as possible....

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‘Weapons’ Removed From Van Gogh Sculpture

Controversial items relating to the artist's life were scrapped from original design over fears they could be linked to drug, knife and gun crime....

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Web Porn: The War on W*nk

Plans to restrict Web Porn is more informed by humbug than serious debates, and reflects a deeper social dysfunction....

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You Can’t Handle the Truth? The New Censorship

New techniques used to stop journalists covering the news ...

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Singapore’s Library Board Pulps Books

Should the library be allowed to impose a moralistic "pro-family" (anti-LGBTQ) policy over its public access collections and withdraw those books which do not reflect those so-called "community...

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