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Booming Beats, Choice Visuals: Cave (Rave) Paintings

Acoustic scientist sounds off about the location of cave paintings ...

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Can We Really Do Spatial Audio? (Seeing With Your Ears)

Novel acoustics project aims to improve virtual reality and explore ear shape effects on 3-D sound...

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What Makes Big Ben Bong? Acoustic Researchers Vibe Westminster

Engineers reveal why Big Ben produces distinct tone...

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The Lego Synthesiser: Sound Shaping Metamaterial Developed

Sound-shaping super-material invented...

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What Does Anger Sound Like to Children?

Researchers pair acoustical analysis with brain mapping to understand how children process emotion in speech...

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Why ‘Put the bin out’ Sounds Like ‘Open a Beer’. Gender and Vocal Attractiveness

New research suggests that men and women perceive consonants differently...

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Get Yo Head Out Da Bassbin! Moving Objects With Acoustics Alone

Dances with waves: Breakthrough in moving small objects using acoustics ...

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Acoustic Researchers Rid Golf Courses of Clanging Bores (well, some of them)

Acousticians track down the reason a type of driver creates a loud clang when it strikes the ball...

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Waiting for a Callback. The Allure of Echoing Caverns

Distinct echoes would be totally unforgivable in today's performance spaces. But, in the past, people sought echoes....

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