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Palestine : What Hope Peace? [Film]

Kerry-Anne Mendoza will be touring the film from November 2014, along with Gaza resident Khalil Al Tatari.

wounded boy, Gaza, by Kerry Anne Mendoza

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ie, slowly and forgotten inside the world’s largest open prison – or push for freedom?’

– Kerry-Anne Mendoza‘s reports from Gaza, printed here and on her own site diverged from the well-worn path of mainstream media. With no allegiance to advertisers, publishers, cabals, cliques or lobbies, the dead hand of censorship was not brought to bear. A true journalistic spirit, unjaded sensitivity and the all-powerful drive to bring the realities of life in Palestine to public view informed Mendoza’s reports from the Strip.

Information wants to be free, and her film : Palestine: What Hope Peace? takes that tenet as its ethos.

One woman, one camera. No editorial board, pressure groups, political advisers, ulterior interests or fear of alienating the Powers That Be.

Release Date: 31st October 2014

Kerry-Anne Mendoza will be touring the film from November 2014, along with Gaza resident Khalil Al Tatari.

“It’s not about peace, it’s about justice.” ~ Gideon Levy, Award-winning veteran Israeli journalist.

This is a feature length documentary film which asks, and presents testimony on the following key questions:
Why is Israel presented as a liberal democracy?
Why are Palestinians portrayed as aggressors, rather than victims?
What is it like to live under Israeli occupation and bombardment?
What does life look like for marginalised groups within Israel?
Where do we go from here?

Kerry-Anne Mendoza has been traveling to Israel, Gaza and the West Bank for twelve years. When Operation Protective Edge commenced in July 2014, her readers crowdfunded her to return and report with a perspective and depth missing in the mainstream media.

You can see those reports here.

While producing daily written reports and live Q&A sessions from Gaza, she was also interviewing key witnesses to Israel’s brutal military occupation of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

amputated man, Gaza, by Kerry Anne Mendoza
Kerry-Anne traveled to the very worst hit areas of Gaza and recorded Israel’s military assaults as they happened, capturing footage you will see nowhere else.
This is a film which puts names and faces to the statistics.
It is about a people under siege, and the indomitable determination of the human spirit to be free.

If you’d like to support a showing of the film (together with live Questions and Answers with Kerry-Anne and Khalil) or to interview/publicise the film/makers – get in contact with Kerry-Anne here.


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