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11 Months Old and Jailed By Israel

With its brutalization of children, Israel is sowing the seeds for a bloody and hate filled future....

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Palestine : What Hope Peace? [Film]

Kerry-Anne Mendoza will be touring the film from November 2014, along with Gaza resident Khalil Al Tatari....

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In Gaza : Israel’s War on Children

Not only are their homes destroyed, but their entire families have been wiped out. What is the future of these children?...

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In Gaza : The Aftermath of Hell

I fail to see the military value of these targets. It feels more like a terror campaign to beat any notion of statehood out of Gaza’s population....

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In Gaza : Yesterday Pregnant, Today Dead

Die, slowly and forgotten inside the world’s largest open prison – or push for freedom? Gaza's choice. ...

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In Gaza : ‘They Gassed Us in Our Beds’

F-16s roar across the sky, drones buzz, and the deep thud of shelling can be heard....

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