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Nick, Find a Cave and Hide Your Face

What could Po$$ibly make a $eemingly $en$itive arti$t $uch a$ Nick Cave Play I$rael?...

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Palestine: What Hope Peace? [Film]

There is nothing left of 'Palestine', just small and disconnected pockets of pain. Further divisions and segregation will not work....

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Palestine : What Hope Peace? [Film]

Kerry-Anne Mendoza will be touring the film from November 2014, along with Gaza resident Khalil Al Tatari....

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In Gaza : Yesterday Pregnant, Today Dead

Die, slowly and forgotten inside the world’s largest open prison – or push for freedom? Gaza's choice. ...

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They Shot My Baby Dead in My Arms : Gaza

“We will not anymore live like animals. Let us live in dignity, or die with honour.”...

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Send Scriptonite to Palestine!

This is not a conflict, it is a slowly unfolding genocide....

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