Author: Steven Turk

Keel Her [Album]

Mood music matching the most foul of moods...

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Dum Dum Girls : Too True

'decadently nihilistic, appealingly rebellious and alluringly savage' Dum Dum Girls....

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Veronica Falls : Tufnell Park Dome [Live]

Showing no great deviation from the sound of their second record, but also that they’re far from out of ideas, Veronica Falls light up Tufnell Park Dome...

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Albums of 2012: Steven Turk’s Choice

an indie rock record of tremendous quality where the singles are difficult to differentiate from the other tracks comprising this compelling slice of modern tribal psychedelic pop...

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Civil Civic + Umez: The Macbeth

As with many gigs around this time of year, this was something of a competition: bands versus football. One end of The Macbeth was rather dominated by a projector and screen (showing an entertaining...

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Trebuchet [Album]

Trebuchet, the band… Trebuchet, the album… The name seems familiar, but I just can’t place it… Comprised of four experienced hands from California’s underground indie and post-rock scenes,...

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