Author: Radik Kagirov

Play the Body: Screenwriting for Visceral Viewing

Good screenwriting prompts reactions in the body as well as the mind. How so?...

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Visceral Viewing: Screenwriting for the Human Brain(s)

Effective screenwriters not only aim for psychological effect - they seek to create 'visceral viewing'....

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Let Me Think, But Not Much: Screenwriting and the Brain(s)

100 Problems, but as long as they're someone else's, we're locked to our seats....

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Shake Your Inner Monkey: Movie Screenwriting and The Limbic Brain

Sex, Politics, Celebrity: What's on your monkey mind?...

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Caress Your Inner Bunny (or We’ll Boil It): Movie Plotting and Psychology

You want to write a killer plot? Feed the croc, snuggle the bunny and give the monkey a promotion...

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Neurocinematic Testing – The Applications

We know that certain stimuli can provoke certain reactions. How can we use that knowledge though? ...

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Hunting the Inner Crocodile: Neurocinematic Methods

Unleash your inner crocodile (but only after you've bought the popcorn)...

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Staggering Scenes: The Fine Art of Neurocinematic Studies

On the treadmill, no-one can hide. New techniques of pre-testing audience response...

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Neurocinematic Testing: Will It Make You Scream?

dropcap style=”font-size:100px; color:#992211;”I/dropcap t is always hard to predict the response of a massed audience, and almost impossible to objectively assess creative works. In the...

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