Author: Peter Elliott

Half Deaf Clatch Tells Tales… That Damage His Bank Account

Clatch's music won't make him rich, but it'd be a poorer world without it...

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Genres: We’re Going to Need a Bigger Box

Searching for antidotes to the Genre-Box-Pox...

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Music Legal Opportunism (or Why I Own All Your Music)

Short of a buck? Why not dabble in the lucrative growth business of Music Legal Opportunism...

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Old People are Dying, Pass me my Phone!

A culture of shared and retweeted grief stinks of narcissism, not compassion....

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Your Band is Awesome Live, So Ban the YouTube Fan Footage

Well-meaning YouTubers could be wrecking your band's reputation. Maybe it's time to take control. Essay...

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Have You Hugged a Musician Today?

Kanye doesn't like things near his bum, but otherwise, musicians need love. An essay on how to be a good fan....

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David Bowie, Cuts, and Why ‘Culture’ is becoming Another Planet

Bowie's mere presence personified the power and relevance of a cultured society that appreciated and allowed him to emerge and for the rest of us to reach for those rewarding stars as well...

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With a Rictus Grin and Another Pint: Surviving The Totally Democratic Bar

Should we complain if a lot of very average bands and soloists carry on in the belief that they are special?...

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Everyone Needs a Music Mentor

Celebrating those hand-waving friends who are always drumming on tables...

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Back Behind Your Guitars, Boys! The Sistas are Spreading the Blues

Britain's got some great blues talent, but you have to look closely to locate the stand-up-all-by-yourself vocal guys...

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UK Culture is Becoming a Dead Parrot. What do you want? Cash?

The Warwick report offers sensible guidelines for the future of UK Culture. But will anyone in power heed it?...

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A Talent Show Without Talent. X Factor (Part two)

The society that allowed us to flourish creatively whatever our background or income is in rapid decline. That cannot be right....

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A Talent Show Without the Talent? X Factor Returns… Again

Even after so many years of being served up candy floss, there are still so many people thinking, in all honesty, that it has something to do with musical talent, vocal prowess or even the nursing of...

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The Blues Needs a National Presence

The UK blues world has some stupendous talent that should be playing both nationally and internationally...

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Does the Devil Have the Best Tunes?

Passion at every level, from personal trauma, hit and run thrill and love, to the way the world is moving: its cruelty, its pains and pleasures....

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Don’t Blame Bonamassa : Tours, Tickets and Touts

PR and marketing people know full well how to get their talent to the right audience but while much of this can be done for free, more often than not someone, somewhere, sometime will have to sign a...

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