Author: Michaela Bear

“I want to show greatness, fragility, softness and power.”: Alexis Peskine

Peskine's nail sculptures transform anger into hope and pride...

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Everywhen Dreaming: Richard Stone

Capturing the essence of 'an English dreaming' at Kristen Hjellegjerde Gallery...

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Eva Gold: A Bead of Sweat, Stilled

Simple yet loaded interventions at 3 Ada Road...

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Adam Lee: This Earthen Tent

Experiential visions that are both magical and foreboding, familiar and strange...

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Monira Al Qadiri: The Craft

Kuwaiti-cana? Exploring gender, politics and petro-cultures at Gasworks...

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Franciska Themerson: Designing the Avant Garde

Whimsical worlds: Revisiting the Avant-Garde...

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Pensive Moods, Poignant Scenes: Shannon Te Ao

Disparate narratives for emotive contemplation at this year’s Edinburgh Art Festival...

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