Author: Issey Scott

Issey Scott is an arts and culture writer and sometime-curator based in London. She has produced texts for exhibitions in the UK, USA and Italy, and her by-lines include RIBA and The Big Issue. She is fascinated by the post-digital urge to transcend the body

The Home and the Heart — Apart at Last

Theory meets anecdote in philosopher Emanuele Coccia’s new work....

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Surface Tension: Alienation is the New ‘Touch’

A review of Surface Tension, curated by Anastasia Chugunova at Des Bains, 2024...

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The Gift of Surprise in the Community

Emphasising the ‘public’ in public art initiatives...

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Rendering the Invisible Playful: Jo McGarry

A review of Jo McGarry, ‘In|Visible|’ (2023) at Seager Gallery...

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The Power of (In)visible Community

The Power of (In)visible Community. A social art project in Somers Town, London 2021...

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