Author: Douglas Bulloch

Douglas Bulloch was born in Canada, grew up in the UK and lives in Shanghai. He spent many years working on the financial reporting side of the oil business before returning to academia to write a political-theory heavy PhD in International Relations. His two young children leave him little time to think, but give him many reasons to

One of Us? Identity Politics and How Donald Trump Rides Them

Still trying to understand the appeal of Donald Trump? The slick shortcut of identity politics, explained....

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Trumped, But Not Out. Identity Politics in America, and the new Other

An essay on how demographics have changed America, and how this affects the politics of identity....

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The Tr(i)ump(h) of Identity Politics

Something about Donald Trump appeals to a large number of American voters. What is it? Douglas Bulloch offers some answers....

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David Bowie, Time Travel and a film called Interstellar

Reminiscences of Bowie are Proustian moments of total recall, but they can also link generations. A story of memory and hope ...

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Forgiving Jeremy Clarkson: Forgiving Ourselves. [Top Gear]

The culture wars have become so divisive, even the organisation that tolerated Jimmy Savile is obliged now to take sides....

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Empire’s Ghost Pt. 3 : Scottish Nationalism

Scottish Nationalism has always been just a reaction to a changing world, and an attempt to find a place in it...

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Empire’s Ghost Pt. 2 : Scottish Nationalism

Although the precise question of Scotland’s relationship with Union is rightly a question for Scots, the nature of that Union is a matter for all...

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Empire’s Ghost : Scottish Nationalism

In a sense, this is Scotland’s guilty secret. Independence was not taken by the English, but given up by Scots....

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And Now Brazil?

And Now Brazil? Gonzo Politics, Mass Protest and the Standing Man...

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Zidane: A Strange Form Of Love

Zidane and Camus unlikely bedfellows a discussion of the film and it's implications...

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Stop The War: Or What?

The War on Terror is unquestionably the dominant security discourse of our times. It has reshaped our worldwide strategic perspective, reoriented our approach to policing and airport security, and...

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Obama : After the Future, All is Change

Obama is preaching 'change' but how does that work as a broad concept let alone an election promise? ...

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