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Trump: The Handy Hillaryite Denial Buddy

Donald Trump is the arch enabler of Hillaryites’ addiction to political pettifoggery

Kong by Dan Booth

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emocrats display derision and aim volley after volley of snark at Trump supporters for their credulity regarding Trump’s outrageous claims.

Yet Hillaryites display Trump supporter-level wilful and belligerent ignorance when confronted with her neoliberal corporatism and neocon war hawk positions.

Moreover, her supporters, swallow whole Hillary Rodham Clinton’s risible neo-McCarthyite blame Russia prevarications when attempting to dodge questions regarding her mendacity (as exposed by recent Wikileaks revelations). This voluntary blindness is as boneheaded as Trump supporters believing his demagogic nonsense involving Mexican rapists lying in wait in the shadows of the illegal immigrant-ridden U.S. night.

Can we cut through the audio clutter of self-resonating inanity for a moment so that we might receive a transmission from a remote and forgotten realm whose dispatches go all but unheard during U.S. presidential election cycles?

Trump will never be president. The event was never even remotely possible. In fact, he has provided an invaluable service the Democrats and their high dollar benefactors. He has and will continue to prove vile and politically inept enough to allow the vile and inept Hillary Clinton, with much assistance from the corporate press and the corporate elite in general, to hobble across the finish line.kong by Dan Booth

Often alcoholics will have a friend whose drinking problem is far more obvious than their own. The primary drunk will focus on the reckless actions of the latter and conclude that he has matters under control – thus allowing him to remain in denial and continue to be ruled by his addiction. This is the role provided by Trump to in-denial Democrats. By focusing on Trump, a Hillaryite can eschew self-awareness and avoid facing the consequences of their own choices.

And no, I am not a Teabagger troll nor a misogynist shit-biscuit for breaking the news to you. I simply refuse to be your enabler regarding your out-of-control imbibing of political pettifoggery.

Image by Dan Booth. Not to be reproduced without express prior permission.


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