Each magazine has its own personality, voice and style.

A trebuchet is a tool of contact, recognition and throwing heavy things at people; the magazine should be the same. The following people have made Trebuchet what it is.

Print staff

Publisher & Founder: Kailas Elmer
Art Director: Mark Halliwell
Sub Editor: Naila Scargill
Photo Art Editor: Danny Divina

Web Staff

Art Editor: Edward Winters
Art Editor: Michael Eden
Culture Editor: Naila Scargill
Production: Megan Grace-Hughes

Contributions, Submissions, Comments:

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Carl Byron Batson, Sarah Corbett-Batson, Martin Lang, Fraggle, Natalie Andrews, Adam Heardman, SWP, Alexei Monroe… and many more.

[Due to a privacy (DPA) issues the full list of contributors is offline for the time being, please email editors@trebuchet-magazine.com for details]