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Smoke, Mirrors, and a Dishonest Lexicon.

Even the words we use are skewed to obfuscate truth and maintain elites. What we call ‘terrorism’ could also be termed ‘effect’. Essay

[dropcap style=”font-size:100px; color:#992211;”]L[/dropcap]ife lived in an imperial state confuses the mind and transforms language into a vehicle of disingenuous misdirection. Take the word ‘terrorism’.

True, terror is created by violence enacted upon random individuals. Yet the word itself implies the act was committed without a discernible motive, an action without causation.

More accurate terms for the attacks in Paris and Brussels would be: Revenge. Retribution. Blowback.

Western imperial powers are responsible for the untimely, wholly avoidable deaths of millions of people of the Islamic faith over the last few decades. Body count to body count, the hideous tally is not even close.

A dishonest lexicon distorts perception; thus, it is the lingua franca of imperial powers. A clarification of language, an honest appropriation of word and term would reveal the motives and modus operandi of empire’s elite. Such a lexicon would therefore put a crimp in business as usual (i.e., the business of globe-wide plunder).

For every act of terrorism against the people of Western powers, there have been thousands more committed against the innocent abroad. Crimes perpetrated to fill the obscenely bloated coffers of empire’s elites. Empire is dependent on the citizenry of the homeland being so perpetually bamboozled that they believe they live in a world devoid of cause and effect.

The U.S. empire has squandered its lifeforce in a bacchanal of genocide, white supremacy, and greed. Yet when a Donald Trump rises from the miasma of blood, dross, and psychical sewage, elites and nice liberals evince abhorrence. They act as if the toxic mire simply enveloped the culture, sans warning and causation.fuzzyhead feature by Dan Booth

The empire is drowning in the residue and runoff of its manic cupidity. The phenomenon of Trump transfixes the collective psyche of the culture of endless distraction. His puffy, con man face is the face of the grifter culture itself (while Empress-In-Waiting, Blood-soaked Lady Hillary is another emblem of its privileged class of degenerates i.e., a breed whose arrogance is only exceeded by their incompetence).

If we had heeded and taken counsel from the ghosts of millions of dead Indians and African slaves, we would not have shambled into this devouring swamp of stupid. Instead, we took manic flight from the past in myriad media distractions and proceeded straight into the foetid mire.

Reality is not a television show as Fate is not a catalogue of consumer preferences.

Image: Dan Booth. Not to be reproduced without express prior permission


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