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The Discipline of Inspiration: An Interview with Samuel Andreyev. Part Two

An interview with composer and educator Samuel Andreyev. Part two....

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The Discipline of Inspiration: An Interview with Samuel Andreyev

An interview with composer and educator Samuel Andreyev....

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Jessica Rankin: The Language of Painting

Millie Walton speaks to Australian artist Jessica Rankin about the nature of thought, painting and embroidery in the context of a solo show at White Cube gallery in London...

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Whitechapel Gallery Launches Artists’ Film International Programme

Language is the common theme for this year's AFI programme, with every artist's film using language to intensify place. ...

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Where is the Duende? Frack Language, Frack Self

When we frack language, we tear apart the core of self...

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New Tongues for Old. Learning, and losing a second language

CUNY linguist measures brain dynamics in second language users....

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Que Bueno! Bilingualism Saves Brains

Bilingualism may save brain resources as you age ...

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What Does Anger Sound Like to Children?

Researchers pair acoustical analysis with brain mapping to understand how children process emotion in speech...

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Smoke, Mirrors, and a Dishonest Lexicon.

Even the words we use are skewed to obfuscate truth and maintain elites. What we call 'terrorism' could also be termed 'effect'. Essay...

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Language games across the checkmate of infinity

These are not really poems, that's why I put the word poem in inverted commas in the title. ...

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Wigger, Wigga, Once Again

dropcap style=”font-size:100px; color:#992211;”F/dropcapurther musings on whether we were racist to use the term ‘wigga’ in a Trebuchet article…. Wigga. The word...

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Mumbojumbo and Gobbledygook: The Language of Art Terminology

Sometimes I invent new terms and insert them into conversations just to see who pretends they understand...

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Babies learn In Utero

Babies only hours old are able to differentiate between sounds from their native language and a foreign language....

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