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Around the world there is only one news story today, Wikileaks and the US diplomatic cables.

Over 250,000 diplomatic cables (quasi official messages) was been leaked to a number of news outlets by Wikileaks detailing diplomats impressions of the country’s leaders as well as more important information on the possible presence of weapons.

The Guardian supports the theory that the leak came from Bradley Manning, a 22 year old intelligence analyst based in Bagdad, who for the past seven months has been held in solitary confinement awaiting court martial. In conversations with Adrian Lamo, who would later denounce him to authorities, he described the process as particularly easy. He would take a DVDR with Lady Gaga written on it into work reburning it with the contents of Siprnet (the US governments diplomatic information service) while lip-synching to the aptly titled ‘Telephone’. The information was then sent to Wikileaks, run by Australian former hacker Julian Assange, who rather than simply posting the information on Wikileaks deseminated the information through the New York Times, The Guardian and Die Spiegel to the world.

Reports will no doubt continue through the coming weeks as the mammoth amount of data is analysed by journalists and scholars and pieced together a general story of what’s happened globally over the last ten years.

Breakdown of cables by Country (none apparently from Australia) and general overview.

Browse cables on Guardian


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