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Trace Elements: Workaholic

During a party thrown to celebrate my 2nd birthday, apparently, my Grandma asked me the big question “Where’s Daddy?”

I’m told my response was to point over to a framed photo on the mantel. The correct photo, I hasten to add. I was a bright 2 year old. I didn’t point to one of my sparkly birthday cards, or Pickles our cat. I knew my Daddy’s photo and that’s where I pointed.

Problem was – among all the ice cream and revelers in the room enjoying my big oh two – there was my workaholic Dad in person, close enough to hear, feelings hurt.

Looking back (at what I can only assume was grandma’s impromptu spin on Where’s Wally?) this was probably the moment that Dad decided he’d start spending less time in the office and more time at home with his family.

Many happy years followed my big oh two.

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