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Trace Elements: Weakending

As the week draws to its close, that trusty old question “What are you getting up to this weekend?” will doubtless be asked in workplaces across the land. Weekends are the pay-off after all for that Monday to Friday graft and the commute that comes with it.

Replies-wise, if I were competing on Family Fortunes, I’d offer my top guess as “visiting relatives”. Cinema trips and restaurants would score high too. However, if Vernon’s survey quizzed enough single men, “just going to the pub” would oust the lot.

Most males you see are not big on forward planning. Some are, and put the rest of us to shame with their Eurostar-ing, paragliding, soup kitchen manning ways. The bulk though, will just end up downing beers in their usual bar come Friday night, as per.

In any relationship they say you can only have so much of each trait. So for some partners-to-be a man like this would be a find. There’s no chance of him engaging in a weekend itinery powerplay. For others, first sight of his blank canvas would draw dating abruptly to a close.

Our single man’s friends over time will one-by-one enter coupledom and sadly become no-shows at his bar. This will lead single man to panic he’ll morph into old man – that one he sees standing there every Friday/Saturday/Sunday always alone (his once young, free and single friends long since coupled up).

So what today should our single man do? How can he forward plan against this morphing?

What answers would top Vernon’s survey?

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