The Social Club: Mini Interview

After their boisterous set opening the Rocksound stage at HEVY, Trebuchet caught up with keyboardist and beard aficionado Paul:

Trebuchet: Coming to Hevy must have made you a little nervous – you’re not as heavy as the rest of the bill, are you?
The Social Club: We’re all heavy at heart, really. We’re big Megadeth fans!

Trebuchet: But you pulled the set off amazingly well! The crowd loved it… and the free toast, too!
The Social Club: Toast keeps us all going, you’ve got to get people eating toast! If we could, we’d have brought chefs and everything. A full fry-up would’ve been great.

Trebuchet: How was opening the day for you?
The Social Club: With it being a morning show, today has been a long day – like a kid’s Christmas Eve!

Trebuchet: You all definitely looked like you were enjoying it up there!
The Social Club: We have a good time! It’s the job description and we’re all good buddies. Getting together makes us go a bit stupid!

Trebuchet: I’ve never seen you live before – can we expect this amount of energy from every show?
The Social Club: We give 100% every time, that’s exactly what to expect! There’s always a surprise, too – though it’s not always a Pantera cover!

You have to hold back your money shot

Trebuchet: Nice choice! It’s good to see a versatile band. What about your own material?
The Social Club: We choose to play happier stuff! You have to hold back your money shot and focus on strong songwriting. At first listen the songs sound simple but they’re much deeper than that – Lew (vocals/guitar) is a great songwriter. He knows just where to put a hook and where to hold back.

Interview by Jed Saint and Kyle Mc Sweeny

Jed Saint
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