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Thatcher in DegreeArt

Will her image become a universal iconograph? And if it does, what exactly will it signify?

Maggie Thatcher

[dropcap style=”font-size:100px; color:#992211;”]A[/dropcap]rt is all about personal taste and this is something we are all entitled to express. Because we will never all agree, there will always be controversy in art

DegreeArt’s Elinor Olisa 

Is there anything left to binge upon in this all-consuming Thatcher frenzy? Of course there is. DegreeArt – dedicated to providing a Vyner Street launchpad for working artists, has gathered together some of its artworks featuring today’s most prominent figurehead. Controversy, social comment, realism? The pictures do the talking. What is interesting is that they were each completed in 2012 and 2013, long after Thatcher’s tenure as Prime Minister had ended.

Time will tell whether, along with Jim Fitzpatrick‘s ubiquitous stencil of Che Guevara; the pointed finger of Lord Kitchener; or the goateed features of Lenin, the image of the Iron Lady is to become a universal iconograph. And if it does, what exactly it will signify.

maggieBoating with Maggies by Alex Arnell. 2012

Margaret Thatcher paintingMaggie in Storm by Alex Arnell. 2012

Margaret Thatcher paintingMaggie with Polkadots by Alex Arnell. 2012

Margaret Thatcher paintingObey 6 ( Maggie with Police) by Alex Arnell. 2013

Margaret Thatcher painting

 Baroness Thatcher by Carolina Piteira. 2012

Margaret Thatcher paintingMargaret Thatcher by Carolina Piteira. 2012

Margaret Thatcher paintingIron Lady by Mirra Birkinovitch. 2011Margaret Thatcher painting

Maggie by Nick Lord, 2013

Margaret Thatcher paintingMaggie Thatcher by Ute Panella. 2012

All images from DegreeArt

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