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Primal Rhythms to Psychedelic Roots: African Head Charge, 100 Club

Bonjo Iyabhinghi Noah and Adrian Sherwood's dub reggae experience comes to London...

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The Other One Percent. What Refugees Really Cost

The fiscal impact of refugees in Sweden ...

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Are you Ready for 11 Billion? World Population – Soon.

The primary driver of global population growth is a projected increase in the population of Africa. ...

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WOMAD 2013 – Lineup!

2012 presented a ridiculously high water-mark of exceptional performances from some fantastic global acts. Will WOMAD 2013 stack up? ...

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Fanga & Maalem Abdullah Guinea: Fangnawa Experience

…. by the third track, the constituent elements meld into a sound that is properly danceable, and moreover, distinctive. Fangnawa Experience by Fanga & Maalem Abdullah ...

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Idealistic Escape : Womad 2010

Womad 2010 : Partly ecological fayre, part activistic showcase, part global awareness program a lot more goes on around the stages than is commonly publicised....

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