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About Vitamin D and Respiratory Ills (or: Why All those Oldies go to Florida)

High monthly vitamin D reduces respiratory infections...

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What Colour is Your Ark? Global Warming Makes the Wet Wetter, and the Dry Wetter Too

With global warming, not only do the wet places get wetter, but the driest areas get wetter too...

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Cloudy Clouds and Cloudier Clouds. Where’s the Powder At?

Scientists discover that salty sea spray affects clouds ...

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Smell the air and rub the sky

For most of us in the cities and towns the weather is just something that happens to us, something inconvenient, an impediment. Perhaps we should pay it more attention. ...

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Stormageddon. Can the UK Learn from Sandy?

There are some parcels of land that Mother Nature owns, and when she comes to visit, she visits...

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NASA satellites saw Cyclone Freda’s widening eye

Tropical Cyclone Freda intensified over the last couple of days in the warm waters of the Southern Pacific Ocean, and NASA's TRMM and Aqua satellites measured the rainfall within the storm, and...

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