Life is a Performance: Cassils

Millie Walton speaks to visual artist Cassils about the body, mark-making and simulating acts of violence ...

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Scars and revelations

Ron Athey: Personal explorations and public displays...

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Happy Now? Trans and Gender-Fluid Teens Face Three Times the Bullying

Gender fluid teens face up to 3 times more abuse at school and at home than their gender-conforming peers...

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Strong, but Itchy. Armourers Update the Hairshirt for 2017

Strength of hair inspires new materials for body armor ...

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SPARTAAAAAA!! What Viewing Violent Media does to Your Aggression Levels

Exposure to violence makes you more likely to lie, cheat ...

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Attack, Retaliate, Attack. When Will it End?

If their designs work out as planned, the elite will, as they always have, enrich their already engorged fortunes on the suffering and death of the powerless....

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Napoleon Complex: Are Weaklings more violent than Macho Men?

Insecure men are more likely to commit violent assaults with weapons and to cause injury if they feel others see them in this light too....

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The ‘Buffy Effect’ and Violent Media

"Positive depictions of women challenge negative stereotypes even when the content includes sexuality and violence. In this way Ferguson reminds us that viewers often process popular media portrayals...

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