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Rachel Maclean’s Fantasy Worlds at Jupiter Artland

A solo exhibition opening this May at Jupiter Artland will showcase a four seminal works and new commission by the renowned Scottish artist...

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Loitered Lens: The Skids

Playing out their first new album in 35 years, The Skids grip Camden's Roundhouse...

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Empire’s Ghost Pt. 3 : Scottish Nationalism

Scottish Nationalism has always been just a reaction to a changing world, and an attempt to find a place in it...

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Empire’s Ghost Pt. 2 : Scottish Nationalism

Although the precise question of Scotland’s relationship with Union is rightly a question for Scots, the nature of that Union is a matter for all...

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Empire’s Ghost : Scottish Nationalism

In a sense, this is Scotland’s guilty secret. Independence was not taken by the English, but given up by Scots....

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