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Velvet Layers of Sound: DVNE

DVNE have a timely title for their band and having perfected their prog-metal sound have gained recognition from a global metal audience. Featuring intricate melodies, catchy riffs and solid...

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Operation: Mindcrime (Live Review)

To Queensrÿche without Geoff Tate or to Geoff Tate without Queensrÿche? Operation: Mindframe celebrate 30 years of their namesake album....

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To Die For? Iranian Metallers Heterochrome Offer Melancholia Against All Odds

Progressive metal from Iran. Now that's extreme....

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Flights of Fancy, Theories of Flight (Fates Warning)

At times technical, at others self-indulgent, Theories of Flight is indeed progressive metal. Review...

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A Titan of Modern Progressive Rock. Affinity (Haken)

Eschewing the cliches of the genre, this is Progressive Rock reinvented for the twenty-first century...

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All That You Fear is Gone (Headspace)

Prog-metal supergroup Headspace ready a 73-minute opus for their eager public. Trebuchet gets stuck in....

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Looking for The Outstanding in The Astonishing (Dream Theater)

Dream Theater remain hugely important to Progressive metal and rock, but does their latest album add to their legacy? Review...

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Jam in the middle of Wasp Season. Live Metal [Skyforger]

Meanwhile, the other venue in the side street had a light tank parked outside it. This was the metaller equivalent of a large open jar of jam in the middle of Wasp Season....

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