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Bubble, bubble, plop! Your Dad Didn’t Invent Homebrew Wine

Archaeologists find earliest evidence of winemaking...

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Stone Age Swipe Right: The Truth About Prehistoric Dating

Prehistoric humans are likely to have formed mating networks to avoid inbreeding ...

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Hunter-Gatherers to Farmers. The Question isn’t *When*, It’s WHY?

Why did hunter-gatherers first begin farming? ...

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Tastes Like Cabbage: The Deep Origins of Cooked Veggies

Earliest evidence discovered of plants cooked in ancient pottery ...

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Life: Crawling Along for 3.2 Billion Years.

Life took hold on land 300 million years earlier than thought ...

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Diversity and Adaptability: How Mammals Survived When Dinosaurs Died

Mammals almost wiped out with the dinosaurs ...

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Early Kinship and Community Displayed at Newly-Examined Spanish Megalithic Tomb

Neolithic megalithic tomb in Spain comprehensively examined for the first time ...

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Our Ancestors: Social Climbers or downright loafers?

Did humans really come down from the trees or did we have to come down from the trees to become human? ...

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