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Beats Botox! Dog Walking Keeps You Younger Longer

Dog walking could be key to ensuring activity in later life ...

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That Time You Went Away? Your Dogs Remember

Your dogs are paying attention and they'll remember...

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Does Your Dog Love You, Or The Treat You’re Holding?

Study explores canine reward preferences...

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Could Goats be Your Next Pet? Intelligent, Loyal (and Delicious)

Empathy and Need - Could goats become man's best friend? ...

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Caring Canines. Do Dogs Do Christmas Too?

Dogs truly behave prosocially toward other dogs....

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Can You Catch Norovirus from Your Dog? Maybe.

It is not clear just how much of a problem canine infection and transmission may represent for humans...

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Dogs : They Hear Ya

Dogs react to both verbal and speaker-related information and that these components appear to be processed in different areas of the dog's brain...

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British Bulldog? UK Dogs and Aggression

Nearly seven percent of owners responded that their dog barked, lunged, growled or actually bit when people came to the house, and five percent reported these behaviours on meeting people when out on...

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Got Dog? Tick Season!

Got tick! Scientists test the effectiveness of common anti-tick measures at preventing tick-borne infections in dogs...

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