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James Turrell and Lalique Collaboration in Crystal Light

Light Artist James Turrell and Lalique Collaborate on Beauty ...

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Tavares Strachan In Total Darkness

In Total Darkness, the first solo exhibition of Tavares Strachan at the Marian Goodman Paris gallery...

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A Year of Georg Baselitz Exhibitions

The work and career of German artist Georg Baselitz will be celebrated through a series of solo exhibitions in New York, Venice and Paris...

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Colour and Structure; Delightful abstract paintings in Paris

These paintings show quasi-geometrical structure of colour space. Together with a sensitivity to surface texture the abstract nature serves to point upa new kind of content - or one that is hidden...

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DaliParis, re-opens with Dali the Sculptor at its centre

  dropcap style=”font-size:100px;color:#992211;T/dropcaphere are two good reasons for taking a fresh look at the work of Salvador Dalí. The first is that Matthew Collings, in his insightful...

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Understanding The Modern, it happened in the past!

The 19th century is where our ideas of the modern come from so what can that time say to us?...

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