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Courting the Forest of History

Interview with mixed-media artist Gerald Chukwuma on Eve of his exhibition Eclipse of the Scrolls. ...

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Painting the Collective: An Interview with Nengi Omuku

As Nengi Omuku’s solo exhibition 'Gathering' reopens in London, the artist discusses how her interest in crowds was inspired by protests in Nigeria and her own isolation ...

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Looted Benin Art Treasures to Go Online

The project will unite pieces from the former kingdom of Benin that were spread around the world after being looted by British troops....

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Death on an Imagined Afternoon

One of the things I like most about Nigeria is that I’ve lost the sense of security that seems to pervade all of life in the United States....

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Childishness and Cockroaches: An Academic in Africa

Just as we were about to start, Andrew appeared on the other side of the fence, waxing wroth. Why had we broken into his field, who did we think we were, we had no permission to play there etc.,...

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“The Problem With Nigeria…”

dropcap style=”font-size:100px; color:#992211;”K/dropcapeith and I have decided that the problem with Nigeria is the finish. Or, as Peter would put it, the last ten percent.  Now, I (to...

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