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Why Do Shorter Men Go Bald More Often?

Study under the leadership of the University of Bonn shows that hair loss is linked to countless other characteristics...

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Are You Dying to Keep Up With Masculine Norms?

Men who adhere to masculine norms risk mental health problems...

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Want Smart and Legal Mood-Enhancement (for Men)? Read On

The key to a better mood for young men is found in walnuts...

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Loud and Proud: The (Political) Benefits of Bragging

What boasting buys, and costs, a candidate ...

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Not Painless. Stuart Semple’s ‘My Sonic Youth’ Addresses Male Suicide

If you're male and under 45, suicide is your most likely cause of death. Stuart Semple's recent project My Sonic Youth addresses the issue....

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Napoleon Complex: Are Weaklings more violent than Macho Men?

Insecure men are more likely to commit violent assaults with weapons and to cause injury if they feel others see them in this light too....

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