LTNT: Boss Lady (Video Premiere)

Video Premiere of the new single Boss Lady by LTNT...

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Loitered Lens: LTNT in the Studio

Where formerly fantastic musicians suddenly clam up when faced with the prospect of ‘being recorded’, not so with LTNT...

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Shambolic youth and vigour (LTNT)

We’re recording. Carefree and silly, it's going be hard to get a serious question past them. LTNT Camden Rocks interview...

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Sleepers awake as Camden Rocks.

Skindred, LTNT, Red House Glory, Outside the Coma, Beasts, The Dirty Youth - for each band there is a different tributary toward whatever end they see coming....

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Looking good and rocking hard [LTNT]

Diverse personalities they may be, but musically they have honed what they do to a level of classical precision....

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