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The Light of James Johnston

A love of symbolist northern landscapes...

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The Human Menagerie: James Johnston

Luminous and mythic paintings of the Ur consciousness. A preview of James Johnston's 2023 Exhibition the Human Menagerie...

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Big Star Falls in We Travel Time

The giant shifts in chords and sonic layers creates classical headspaces and feels orchestral in its depth and shifting subtlety. We travel Time...

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We Travel Time: James Johnston and Steve Gullick

Where music and visual art meet. The talents of Steve Gullick and James Johnston combine on We Travel Time to poignant effect. ...

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Gallon Drunk [Interview]

In the late afternoon, on the last day of winter, James Johnston and Trebuchet’s Kailas caught up to talk over the reinvigoration of Gallon Drunk and the ghosts of the past....

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Gallon Drunk : The Soul of the Hour

Gallon Drunk have never sounded so together nor so accomplished. The result of such symbiosis is seven tracks of intense mood and impressive groove. ...

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