James Rosenquist: Visualising the Sixties

This essay looks at the work of James Rosenquist in terms of the pop art movement. Broadening its scope, we look at this artist's work against that of Ed Kienholz and Joseph Cornell....

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Depictive seeing, Pictures, and Imagination

ichard Wollheim, some-time Grote Professor of Mind and Logic at University College London, regards our looking at pictures as a special kind of undertaking. In our experience of pictures we seem to...

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Illusions of Weightlessness: The Dream Engine (Interview)

Evoking tears of joy is a delicate art - The Dream Engine have it in hand...

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Have An Imaginative Christmas

Famine, War, Greed. We can fix this. Just add a more rigorous imagination....

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Make Better Music 34: Quantisation Death Ray

Make Better Music 34: Quantisation Death Ray. One of the problems I have with electronic music is that missing “human element”. It’s not that there’s anything wrong with robotic music, or...

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Make Better Music 23: Well there’s bad music and there’s good music…

Make Better Music 23: Well there’s bad music and there’s good music… I don't really believe in good and bad music....

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