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Did You Guess the Winners of Global Warming?

Climate change may favor large plant eaters over small competitors ...

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Softer Handshakes? How to Avoid Mass Environmental Destruction

New report paints a picture of the value of biodiversity, the threats it faces and the window of opportunity we have to save species before it's too late...

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Risky Business: Farming in a Time of Climate Change

Farming becoming riskier under climate change ...

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Rising Sea Levels? Global Warming? Blame Canada!

Canadian glaciers now major contributor to sea level change, UCI study shows ...

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Tracking Global Warming With Mother of Pearl : The Ocean’s Tree-Rings

Ocean temperatures faithfully recorded in mother-of-pearl ...

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Have an Ice Day: Lake Ecologists Consider the Winter Season

Study finds life under the ice is vibrant, complex and surprisingly active...

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Pass the Salt: Global Warming Increases Beachwater Salinity

Global warming's next surprise: Saltier beaches ...

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