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‘Experts’: lower fat diets reduce weight and BMI

Yeah yeah yeah: Reducing overall fat in the typical diet can lead to small reductions in body weight in adults that could be highly significant on a population-wide scale. ...

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Brown Sugar and Mustard-Glazed Bone-in Ham

Well the holidays are indeed coming and as y’all know, a homemade baked ham is a southern holiday staple. ...

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Col. Jon’s Presidential Cookies

What could be better for an energy boost when you’re on the road? Well let me tell y’all, an all American Chocolate Chip Cookie, that’s what....

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Col. Jon’s Cherokee Corn Pone

It’s another favourite snack in these parts and something that I like to have the little woman cook up for me whilst I hang up the goat on Hallowe’en. Up until now this has been a very closely...

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Col. Jon’s Pumpkin Soup

Hallowe’en is my favourite time of year and along with the customary trick or treating, cow tipping and playing with my nuts at the cemetery, I always like to make a batch of Great Great Grandma...

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Sweet ‘n’ Sour Science

Newly-published research claims 'The way foods make our mouths feel has a great deal to do with what foods we choose to eat'. Still no cure for cancer....

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Jellymongers: The Art of Food

With a bit of graft you can get almost anyone's contact detail. Every so often I propose something sensible and they get back to me. The results are some of the best and most interesting work we've...

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