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Escaping Fear: You’re Gonna Need A Bigger Boat

Researchers at the RIKEN Center for Brain Science have discovered a circuit in the brain that is necessary for unlearning fear....

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War? Famine? A Second Term of Trump? America’s Top Ten Fears

Chapman University releases 4th annual Survey of American Fears ...

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They Might Be Dragons! Inventing Trauma for Population Control

State manufactured fear is a phantom which can never be fought. But it can be ignored....

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Scary Moment? Set Brain to ‘BRAVE’ for Fear Management

Weakening communication between two parts of the brain in mice reduced their fear levels...

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Reducing Phobia Works Best With Brief Exposure (Unless You’re Frightened of Exposed Briefs)

Less is more: Exposure to stimuli for overcoming phobia ...

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Phobic? Learn Something New For Fear Management

It is not only important to break the links between environmental cues and fear, but also to substitute new learning about safety for further fear management....

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Why Do You Notice Human Screams, But Not Jetplanes?

Screaming really works," Poeppel says. "It is one of the earliest sounds that everyone makes...

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