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I ballroom danced in Norwich the other night: King Parrot (Interview)

Extreme metal never smelled so bad. King Parrot's Matthew Young on dreams, dancing and digestion....

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Meshuggah European Tour 2016

Extreme tech-metal messiahs Meshuggah announce Winter 2016 European Tour...

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Bringing Brutal Deathgrind to a Bucolic Britain (Brujeria)

It is said that this unit of banditos is made up of Satanic drug lords who came together to make music on Brujerizmo - their own brand of brutal 'machete metal'....

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Napalm Death : Apex Predator – Easy Meat

The visceral fury of punk with the dexterity and precision of metal...

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Loop / Godflesh UK Dates

There was always a bond and forever shall remain one. Loop and Godflesh back together, where they belong....

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Schultz: White Blood Cells

It's a cliché but this one really is strictly for the hardcore and it's all the better for that. ...

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