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Why Being an Artist is not a Job

Working away in the studio is play with consequences not a job, thank goodness!...

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Smart Suits: Follow the Brains for Better Business

Smart staffers: Why educated areas are good for business ...

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Just Say No! Why Rejection is Good For You

Jobs, relationships, school: Better a 'no' than no answer at all ...

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An Active Sex Life Makes Happier Workers

Maintaining an active sex life may lead to improved job satisfaction and engagement in work ...

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Are You as Fast as A Touch Typist? Probably

Today's self-taught typists almost as fast as touch typists - with one crucial proviso...

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Worked to Death: The Key to Making High-Stress Jobs Less Lethal

Lack of control over high-stress jobs leads to early grave ...

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How Much Did YOU Save for Your Pension This Week? The Precariat Class Goes Europe-Wide

New report finds Europe-wide shift towards weaker job security and employment support ...

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People Organize Daily Travel Efficiently

Study shows that people organise their daily travel efficiently - so why not sleep in a bit more. ...

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A Spear of Hope

Giving young people a ‘vision of the possible’ under such bleak circumstances may well seem impossible, but there are helping hands out there and one such pair of hands is an organisation called...

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